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Your profession needs you! Regional nominations & elections

Louise Cusack, the College’s UK Regional and Specialist Sections Manager, discusses the benefits of being a committee member. Follow Louise Be ambassadors for the profession. If you become actively involved in your regional group you will have your finger on the pulse. Have you ever thought about getting involved in the College of Occupational Therapists and … Continue reading

Promoting the Power of Occupation

Karin Orman, Professional Practice Manager for the College of Occupational Therapists discusses Promoting the Power of Occupation. Follow Karin. The College‘s message is very clear- occupation plays a central and unique role within the profession. Over the last year the professional advisors from the College have been visiting the BAOT regions to deliver a roadshow … Continue reading

First day on the job as a qualified occupational therapist

How can a little sign that says ‘Occupational Therapy’ instil so much anxiety into someone who has spent the bulk of the last 3-4 years studying the ins and outs, theories and frameworks, activities and interventions of just what occupational therapy is? Well, that little sign can make your stomach flutter when it’s your first … Continue reading

Communication 2.0

The internet and social media have had a huge impact on the way that organisations communicate with their members, presenting a variety of opportunities and challenges to get to grips with. In this week’s blog, BAOT/COT’s Web and Social Media Editor, Allegra Holbrook, looks at how the BAOT regional groups are adapting to the changing … Continue reading

Life after graduation

Graduating from your OT degree can be both exciting and terrifying in equal measures. Moving onto the next stage of practising as a qualified OT and taking your first steps on the career ladder can be daunting. In this week’s blog, COT’s Education Intern, Anna Welsh, talks about how you can build networks to support … Continue reading


For this week’s post, Sharan Bandesha and June Chandler from UNISON talk about the relationship between BAOT regional groups and UNISON. For many of you, understanding the relationship and structures of BAOT and UNISON can seem quite daunting, but it’s a lot simpler than you might think. Since BAOT contracted its trade union services to … Continue reading

Effective Committees

Each week throughout January we will be looking at different aspects of our regional committees and how different roles contribute to their success. We want to hear from you on how you think these groups can be most successful and how they can best support you as a member. This week, we are focusing on … Continue reading

The Future of Regional Committees

January 2014 will see nominations opening for BAOT regional committees. COT’s Membership Development Manager Beriah Nelson talks here about the exciting challenges that being on a regional committee presents, and asks what developments you would like to see in regional groups. Committees are one of the most important working forces at the heart of the … Continue reading

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