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Chance, opportunity and the winding paths to clinical academia

In December’s CPD post, The multifarious paths to research, we explored how there is not one correct, or ‘prescriptive’ route into research, but rather there are a multitude of paths that can be travelled. This blog continues that theme, hearing how chance circumstances, unexpected opportunities and meetings with key individuals helped two occupational therapists to weave unique clinical academic journeys. Continue reading


The multifarious paths to research

April’s CPD post provided insights from occupational therapists about starting out and engaging in research, and highlighted how common it is for researchers to experience a sense of being an ‘imposter’. A perhaps related phenomenon is the notion that there is a ‘correct’ path to becoming a researcher, which has to be taken at a … Continue reading

Occupational therapy – The NHS needs to stop reinventing the wheel and recognise what works

Julia Scott, Chief Executive of the College of Occupational Therapists calls on leaders throughout the health and care system to recognise how Occupational Therapy can help to improve lives and save the NHS and other care services money. Follow Julia on Twitter. Given that I lead the College of Occupational Therapists it is unlikely to … Continue reading

Being a BAOT steward: extending the reach of occupational therapy

Michelle England explains what led her to become active in the union and shares her experience of standing up for BAOT members at work. I first got involved in BAOT/UNISON when Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) were created in 2001. During this time, AHPs were being made to move from their familiar acute settings over to … Continue reading

Help us with the Career Development Framework

Zoe Parker, the College’s Education Officer shows how you can help us to develop the Career Development Framework. Follow Zoe on Twitter. All COT members would have hopefully seen this advert in the September edition of OTNews: “The evolution of the Post Qualifying Framework (COT: 2006) has begun and now we are asking for your help. … Continue reading

Releasing your potential: how the COT Awards can support innovation in the practice setting

Mandy Sainty, Research and Development Manager at COT, highlights that whilst there are undoubtedly challenges, opportunities do exist to support innovation, such as the COT Awards. When you are feeling under pressure just to complete the core requirements of your post, it can be difficult to believe that innovation is possible. Your time is precious, … Continue reading

Have you explored the Learning Zone yet?

Zoe Parker, the College’s Education Officer gives a rundown on the new Learning Zone at the COT site. Follow Zoe on Twitter. The Learning Zone has a new look and new content to support your CPD. We are a year away from the next HCPC audit and this is a great time to take stock of … Continue reading

#COT2016 – Learning from conference using social and digital media

Zoe Parker, the College’s Education Officer gives a rundown on how to reflect and find out more about annual conference for CPD. Follow Zoe on Twitter. Even if you could not attend in person there are plenty of ways you can use the content from conference and the responses on Twitter as the inspiration for CPD … Continue reading

COT Professional Practice Enquiries Service – Here for you!

Anne Keen, is the College’s Professional Advisor in the Professional Practice Enquiries Service. Here, Anne gives an overview of the COT enquiries service, a member benefit which deals with enquiries relating to all aspects of professional practice in the workplace. There are two members of staff dedicated to enquiries – Anne and Kewcha Ambrose (Enquiries … Continue reading

Using social media to get the most out of Conference #COT2016 as a first timer

Zoe Parker, the College’s Education Officer gives a rundown on annual conference for first timers. Follow Zoe on Twitter. This year we have more people than ever coming to our annual conference. We are delighted to be welcoming more than 500 students, and many other delegates will also be attending for the first time. The … Continue reading

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