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Reflecting on the APPLE scheme

Nurturing and educating students on placement to become occupational therapists is one of the most fulfilling opportunities for CPD and critically reflective practice. Our students and new graduates are the future of the profession and the chance to be involved with the development of new occupational therapists is an opportunity for teaching and learning for both the student and the practice placement educator. In dialogue with your student you may come to see your practice setting in a new light and be inspired to find new ways to work with an occupational focus https://www.cot.co.uk/briefings/occupation-centred-practice

In terms of the COT’s Code of CPD explaining the setting you work in to a student can be a great spur for critical reflection because you will see your setting with fresh eyes as a newcomer does. This promotes exactly the kind of questioning of taken for granted assumptions that critical reflection requires.

We have recently reviewed the APPLE scheme for the accreditation of practice placement educators and APPLE accreditation as a practice placement educator is now a BAOT members only benefit. The APPLE scheme provides a structured way of supporting occupational therapy practice educators through the achievement of a nationally recognised award based around six learning outcomes. One of these outcomes is to be able to reflect on experience and formulate action plans to improve future practice and this is evidently very valuable as an underpinning for all your CPD. Attaining the award provides formal professional recognition of the value of an individual educator’s contribution to practice placement education.

There is APPLE information on our website tailored for,

There is also  an overview of COT’s role in the scheme

Members please do explore these links to find out more about how you can become an accredited practice placement educator and fulfil this vital role for the sustainability of the profession whilst enhancing your own learning and enriching your CPD portfolio.

What stand-out moments do APPLE alumni have from their experiences in nurturing students? Please share in the comments box and encourage others to take the plunge.


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