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Digital learning resources to support CPD – do you know what’s out there?

Zoe Parker, Education Officer at COT, discusses digital learning resources to support CPD. Follow Zoe

As many of our members know there’s so much to be found on the BAOT website to support learning and professional development that it can be hard to keep up with it. To compound this rather nice problem there is also more and more happening in the wider digital world that would be of use and interest to occupational therapy personnel if only they knew about it.

I use Twitter as a service to members who follow me and share useful links when I come across them. Today I found a new resource because a member who is active on Twitter thought to mention me in a tweet about it. This has inspired me to share that link to an array of health and psychology courses on FutureLearn.

What I have found useful in 2015:

  • CHAIN is the NHS Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network . You can sign up to this online mutual support network,  useful for practitioners, researchers, educators and managers working in health and social care. Since it started in the research and development wing of NHS England it has spread internationally and now has members in 40 countries
  • The King’s Fund will also send regular updates on request and have a wealth of information for those who are interested in health and health care policy
  • The Conversation  provides very readable research-based journalism for an authoritative take on health or politics, to choose just two areas of interest for occupational therapy personnel

Which sites on the web do you visit again and again, finding you learn something every time? Please share them with us in the comments box below or tweet them, mentioning me @COTCPD and I will retweet them.

If you have friends who are less confident with social media, please let them know about the guidance available for members on our website so that they too can join in the online learning conversations. Do point out that they can see some of the COT people they might like to follow on the member access only pages 40-41 of our introduction to social media.

Also the College’s Twitter account has a number of lists you can follow for updates and news such as COT Specialist Sections, COT staff and COT Regions.

Season’s Greetings!


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