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How well do you match up?

Zoe Parker – Education Officer at COT,  asks occupational therapists if they know what’s expected of a newly qualified Occupational Therapist today.

As an experienced Occupational Therapist…how well do you match up to or exceed what’s required now?

COT regularly revises and reviews the documents that guide occupational therapists’ education and set the standards for occupational therapy education programmes. If, for some reason, you are never involved with the education of students or the induction of newly qualified OTs into our profession you may not think such document s have anything to do with you. However I would urge all members to read and think about the College of Occupational Therapists’ learning and development standards for pre-registration education publication because it is a useful CPD resource for all OTs to reflect upon critically.

Members can download it free and then go to page 2 – 4 for the section setting out the College’s vision and the three areas of competence occupational therapy students must develop to qualify. This is a useful starting point for critical reflection and comparison with your own personal profile as regards professionalism, knowledge and skills. You can also consider your own pre-registration education and how that might contrast with current pre-registration education.

Do you think there are differences from your experience and what you remember of your curriculum that might have an impact on the profession?

Then, if you move further into the document, it sets out the occupational therapist entry-level profile. Please look at these competences and think about which areas of your own capability or competence these match and where you might plan to fill gaps, if any perhaps jump out at you, as a new way of informing your professional development planning and CPD.

What are your thoughts on the professional body’s role in the stewardship of our profession?


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