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Enrich the mix – engage with COT and enhance your CPD portfolio

This month’s focus is on using the opportunities that are provided by COT to enrich the mixture of activities you can record in your CPD portfolio. Many BAOT members will be thinking now about being fully prepared for the HCPC CPD audit.

This biennial review of progress also affords an opportunity to plan in some development activities over the next two years. Looking back over what you have done may well spark ideas about gaps you would like to fill or new experiences you would like to have in order to progress your learning and your career.

Keep a close eye on OT news and you will periodically see many opportunities advertised and mentioned. For example in January we advertised for BAOT regional committee vacancies as a great way to engage with the OT community and develop career aspirations. When you join us you are allocated to a region and yet not all our members realise the pivotal role that regional activity can play in CPD so if you are not active locally or in your region do consider how such networking and engagement can enrich your learning

In March we advertised for members to join the Research and Development Board, the Learning and Development Board and the Country Boards and we pointed out that being a board member is both a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the profession and great CPD. Join Council or one of our boards or committees to find out about COT business and influence it.  You will be contributing to occupational therapy on a national platform and working to develop the profession.

Obviously we also write about opportunities here as when we posted about starting out in a clinical academic career and about our research and educational grants and awards last October. If you missed the boat with annual deadlines last time round you can look out for the same things rolling round again each year.

Get in involved in consultations and lobbying to ensure the voice of Occupational Therapy is influential and informs policy. If something goes against the grain, become an OT advocate and object convincingly to make people change their views. There is a wealth of opportunities depending on how much you want to get involved.  Visit the promote OT page to get some ideas along with the amount of time commitment involved in each one.

If there’s no local group near you why not start one? Or use social media to join in with or create virtual professional networks that cross geographical boundaries.

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Other ways to get involved are:

There are many more things you can do. Watch this space for more news and information about opportunities as they arise!


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