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Compassion and critical reflection

This post opens 2015 with good wishes and points to some useful links that are freely available to give an idea of what’s available to support your learning.

Happy New Year! I had an unusual message from a Mexican colleague last year and would like to pass it on to readers of this blog.

“May your year be filled with love and accomplishments”.

I know we don’t use the word love much in a professional context but I especially liked the juxtaposition of that concept with the idea of achievement. Professional practice that is informed by our core values can become the achievement of what is best about being human. When you are privileged to learn from an outstanding individual in his or her field you have the feeling that you are seeing what fulfilment of potential can be. The open access movement and the development of online community to share knowledge provide us with the chance to read scholarly articles by and even see and listen to some of the most inspiring and knowledgeable professionals in the world.

I want to use this opening post for 2015 to link to some online resources that give a flavour of the wealth of material available now to inform our reflection on practice.

The debate about kindness and compassion continues with this thoughtful post by a doctor, Jonathon Tomlinson (whom I know as @mellojohnnny from twitter)  he asks whether doctors should be kind and I would, of course, like to expand his question to include Allied Health Professionals.

The BMJ has published a learning resource on motivational interviewing and made it freely available to interested professionals: this will be of particular interest to Mental Health OTs.

OTs who are interested in occupational science and so the political aspects of OT or those who are interested in narrative and storytelling may find this new online open access journal of narrative politics informs their ideas.

This post from the LSE emphasises how digital publishing through social media and especially blogging is changing the academic landscape and providing interested professionals from diverse fields with the opportunity to engage with ideas from different disciplines.

Do you have any links you would like to share here that have helped you to develop as a critically reflective practitioner? Please share in the comments below.

Zoe Parker, Education Manager (Lifelong learning).
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One thought on “Compassion and critical reflection

  1. In the tweetchat that followed this post Emma Spellman @emmaspellmanOT kindly shared this link to Linda Finlay’s work on reflection http://t.co/nmJIj5U3KC any more useful links to open source material helping us to reflect critically folks?

    Posted by Zoe Parker (@cotcpd) | January 19, 2015, 14:47

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