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Have you made plans for your CPD activity in 2015?

In this month’s blog, Zoe Parker talks about the variety of COT awards that are available to apply for this year and great opportunities for CPD.

If so: don’t forget to check out COT awards for education, research and CPD.

As people often ask me about funding opportunities for CPD I want to remind all BAOT members that there are a variety of awards available for you to apply for via COT. Applying for a COT award is a really useful CPD activity in itself and if you were successful that would be a wonderful thing to celebrate in your CPD audit profile if you were selected to submit one by the HCPC.

You should check out the whole array of awards  and then look carefully at the guidance, which has specific details of what you need to do to meet the criteria for that particular award and how to submit your application.

The great news this year is that we have three new awards that you can apply for and so the celebrations at next year’s awards ceremony will be even more joyous than usual!

For inspiration read about previous award winners’ achievements.

The deadline for this year’s applications is 5pm on Friday 12 December 2014 so don’t delay and start planning your application now.

Have you ever won an award? How did it make you feel?

Please tell us about it by commenting below…

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