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Promoting OT

If you don’t use it, you lose it

Vandita Chisholm, COT’s Marketing Manager, talks about how we can promote occupational therapy during #OTWeek14.

I want to add an occupational therapy dimension to the above adage.

We all know what a fantastic profession occupational therapy is; however, if occupational therapy services are not used then how can commissioners, senior management or even politicians really understand the benefits of occupational therapy.

So as Occupational Therapy Week is fast approaching, why don’t you consider how you can encourage users of health and social care services to get the full benefits of occupational therapy?

After all, as a profession that straddles both health and social care you are invaluable to the implementation of the political agenda in both these areas, and what other profession are trained in both mental and physical health and therefore able to address complex needs of individual service users.

If commissioners and politicians are not aware of all the unique attributes of the profession, then how can they be convinced to use the skills set of occupational therapy?

So, my challenge to you for Occupational Therapy Week is to make sure that politicians, senior management and the general public are aware of what OTs can deliver.

Collect your evidence and start influencing your local political representatives, source some good news stories from your practice and promote this in your in house magazine or even the local media.

Tell at least five people a day about occupational therapy during Occupational Therapy Week. As you can be more skilled at articulating the benefits of occupational therapy, you will find this invaluable next year, in the run up to the election year, when you will be approached by political canvassers.

Keep visiting our website as there will be new information added all the time and don’t forget to order your OT Week pack, so you have the resources to promote the profession.


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