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A CPD journey

In this month’s blog, Zoe Parker talks about how you can use short-cuts to navigate your way around COT’s CPD webpages.

I’ve navigated around some of our resources in real time on the phone with a member who is currently located in Guernsey and has not yet discovered all the resources we provide to support lifelong learning. Like many OTs she is usually too busy to take time out and explore our website. New to practice, she said she hadn’t heard about using the website to do with more than search for jobs or visit our forums when she was at University. With all the information on our website, it’s always useful to have some short-cuts.

A member’s web page journey: CPD

Firstly, visit http://www.cot.co.uk
Sign in as a member, go to our home page and click on the professional resources tab at the top.
Scroll down to CPD iLOD and HCPC: http://www.cot.co.uk/cpd/cpd-ilod-and-hcpc

You can access the iLOD link here: http://ilod.cot.org.uk/

In iLOD, look at searching for a course in the formal learning opportunities section, which we did using the topic CPD from the menu of keywords.

I pointed out some of these courses are endorsed by COT as especially suitable and relevant for OTs. I also mentioned that even when you cannot afford the time or money to take a formal course you can often look at the curriculum or learning objectives and design your own private study arranged around those headings.

Then we looked at career planning and saw how it was mapped to our OT specific post qualifying framework PQF and how there are yellow links to suggested activities you can follow up. You can also play around with different headings from the menus and explore different possible career pathways.

Next, we looked at CPD tools, and noted that there was a lot to support HCPC audit for CPD. It’s a good idea for all OTs to conform to the HCPC standards for CPD as a baseline or benchmark for CPD and as a way to organise your portfolio even if you are not directly regulated by the HCPC.

We talked about the paper called CPD groups, which might be especially useful for anyone setting up a private study group and the one called Lifelong learning is meaningful occupation – this contextualises CPD. We had a chat about the interactive papers on CPD tools and the CPD sessions, which you can do in a group or as an individual.

We moved into the public area of the website under the professional resources tab again to check out the Code of Ethics and professional conduct, which is a public document and the Code of CPD which is a good guide to shape your CPD around.

Moving back to the professional resources tab, we looked at the Supporting practice evidence and resources pages – we looked at the topic of learning disability as an example of how each topic has an array of relevant material.

Consider using our audit tool to audit your service or your own practice against the professional standards for OT practice.
Now you’ve got some handy short-cuts, please do explore them, take it further and enjoy your learning journey.




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