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Code of CPD

In this month’s CPD blog, Zoe Parker wants your feedback on the new COT Code of CPD.

If you have read May’s OTnews then you will have seen my article on the new COT Code of Continuing Professional Development. We have been discussing the Code further on Twitter using the hashtag #CPDcode.

Please do look at the Code of CPD here, and tell us what you think, either using the comments on this blog or using #CPDCode on Twitter.

As I explained in OTnews, the Code encourages OTs, and the colleagues who work with them in supporting roles, to go beyond regulatory requirements in order to ensure a fulfilling career journey that sustains the profession in changing contexts and provides the best outcomes for service users.

The Code sets clear expectations for professional development to allow you to get the most out of your career and to ensure that you reach your full potential.

It is important to note that CPD is your own responsibility. Therefore, whilst a good employer will strive to create a culture of learning, you cannot rely on your employer to ensure that your CPD needs are met. You are responsible for developing your skills and knowledge and ensuring you are the best OT you can be. If your employer is not supportive or if you are a lone OT, it is really important to engage with BAOT in order to get the professional and friendship support and challenges that you need to develop your practice as an OT. You can also use social media to talk to us and to connect with international OT networks sharing ideas about best practice.

The Code is aligned with, and complementary to, Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) requirements for registrants. The HCPC standards are the baseline, and the Code provides an occupational focus to extend your development.

The Code should be read alongside the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, of which it will eventually become a part.

This project has very much been the work of BAOT members, and I am very grateful to all who contributed.

Please do leave comments on this blog, on Twitter, or email me at zoe.parker@cot.co.uk


3 thoughts on “Code of CPD

  1. I have really embraced my CPD since qualifying, might be seen by some colleagues as sad or dedicated..but I have identified it as learning and growth for me as an individual and an OT and therefore is for me to isolate the time my employer allows and also for me to do some in my own time. I feel energised and liberated at times and makes you feel proud when you see all you have achieved. It is a great document and helps provide focus on recording the learning for if and when HCPC could call you for review.

    Posted by Louuise | July 3, 2014, 19:42
  2. What a lovely comment Louise I’m so sorry I’ve only just spotted it, nearly a month later – I thought we were meant to get emails when comments appeared on our blogs? Thank you so much for posting such a positive and upbeat comment about your attitude to CPD in general and the new Code. I hope that you’re not ever put off by people who don’t think you should be so dedicated. As you rightly point out it is a benefit to you and your service users that you are and certainly not sad. But as I am pretty much obsessed by CPD and its value for OTs and their service users I suppose I would be bound to say that…!

    Posted by Zoe Parker (@cotcpd) | August 4, 2014, 14:53


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