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You’ve heard about the selfie; now show us your #OTShelfie

With annual conference and a range of exciting events, including the COT Zone at Naidex, coming up, we’ve been looking at ways to support you with your CPD. Our Publications Officer, Anna Bond, has a novel way to share your favourite CPD resources.

Whether you’ve been in your job for years, you’re just starting out, you’re considering a change of career focus, or you’re thinking of returning to work after a break, books can be a valuable resource in helping to give you clarity and direction. They give you a chance to either develop your knowledge about your current area of practice, or give you an opportunity to dip your toe into something new and broaden your options. And we’re not just talking about traditional books; there are a wide range of other resources available online with your BAOT membership. These are a valuable tool in your continuing professional development (CPD), giving you evidence-based recommendations; advice and information; and ideas for how to improve the benefits for your service users.

There are some publications that are essential for practising OT, such as the Code of Ethics and the Professional Standards; but it can be difficult to find the time to really get to grips with all the resources that are out there.

So, we want to give you an opportunity to share with each other those OT books that you can’t live without! You’ve all heard of the selfie, but what about the shelfie?! This is a new phenomenon spreading through the internet. People post a picture of their bookshelf to show their book collection in all its glory!

What we want you to do is post a picture of your OT shelfie—a shelf of books showing all the valuable OT resources that you just can’t live without. You can be in it too, if you like! Simply post it to Twitter or on our Facebook page using the hashtag #OTShelfie. Some of our members of staff will be posting them too so keep an eye out!

Here’s mine to get the ball rolling:



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